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Back-to-School Program

The St. Vincent de Paul Back-to-School Program helps struggling families get their children off to a good school start!  Each child is offered a back pack or book bag, basic school supplies (grade appropriate K – 12 valued at $32.00) and a $15.00 Walmart gift card. The event is held annually mid August. 

Get Help

To request Back-to-School assistance, contact the Catholic parish closest to where you live and ask to speak with a member of St. Vincent de Paul. The conference member will refer you to the program. Locate a St. Vincent de Paul conference HERE.  


The Back to School Program needs community donations to operate. There are several ways
to help.

Cash donations (Donate Here)

Cash gifts help support the purchase of Walmart gift cards, supplies and backpacks where donations lack.  

  • A gift of $10.00 will help us provide basic school supplies for a child.
  • A gift of $20.00 will help us provide school supplies and a backpack for a child.
  • A gift of $35.00 will help us provide school supplies, a backpack and a gift card for a child.  
School supply donations           
  • Backpacks (15", 17", 19")
  • Block Erasers
  • Colored Pencils
  • Crayons, 24 pk
  • Filler Paper – wide and college ruled
  • Glue –bottles and glue sticks
  • Index Cards
  • Markers – Broad and fine tip  
  • Mechanical Pencils 
  • Pens – blue, black or red ink
  • Pocket Folders
  • Ruler
  • Scissors – blunt & sharp tip
  • Spiral Notebooks – wide and college ruled
  • Yellow Highlighters

Supply drop-off locations vary.  Call: 262-544-1850           

Get Involved and Volunteer 

During the month of August each year (usually the first two weeks) Volunteers assist in organizing and assembling supplies by grade level. Individuals and families are welcome to work on putting the school supplies together. Contact or call 262-544-1850 to volunteer.