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Voice of the Poor

What is Voice of the Poor (VOP)?

Voice of the Poor is the advocacy arm of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  As followers of Christ, we are challenged to help create conditions for marginalized voices to be heard, to defend the defenseless and to assess policies and social institutions in terms of their impact on the poor. Voice of the Poor calls Vincentians to speak to the larger  society with a single voice and address root causes of poverty.

How Does VOP Serve the Poor?

Voice of the Poor activities are a natural extension of our roles as Vincentians. Members of the Society serve on the front lines, in solidarity with the poor by providing food, shelter and other emergency services. However, lasting long-term assistance to the poor requires looking at the larger political and economic picture. Guided by the fundamentals of Catholic social teaching, VOP committee members research and evaluate issues and governmental policies.  The Diocesan Council Board first approves positions on legislative items. The Diocesan Board President serves as the Society’s official spokesperson. VOP works to educate Vincentians and decision-makers regarding the impact of legislation on the poor and marginalized.

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Waukesha Voice of the Poor Meetings
Held 2nd Tuesday of each month
Waukesha Council Office
818 W. Sunset Drive, Waukesha
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm