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Reentry Taskforce and VoterVoice

National Council Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Reentry Taskforce

A Strategic National Grant created a unique partnership between the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops-Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the National US Council of St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP), and local community organizations in five states across the country: LA, FL, WI, OH, and MA.

The proposed project utilizes the existing Catholic infrastructure in the area of social ministry/social action by teaming the National US Council of SVdP, the local CCHD network in each state, and highly successful local organizations that have proven outcomes on impacting the lives of ex-offenders.

The goal of this proposed project is to support the human development of the formerly incarcerated/ex-offenders in a holistic, empowering approach. SVdP members will work directly with those returning citizens from the participating community organizations of each city & state and, together, will help rebuild the ex-offenders’ lives.

Justice and Peace Prayer

Initiatives in WI are headquartered at:
St. Vincent de Paul Waukesha County
818 W Sunset Drive
Waukesha, WI  53189

Larry Coté, Regional Coordinator
National Council Society of St. Vincent de Paul Reentry Task Force

Phone:  262-309-6772

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What is VoterVoice?  VoterVoice is the Society’s online tool that you can use to send advocacy messages to legislators (federal, and in some cases state representatives) to voice your support or concern for certain legislative bills.

Organizers from SVdP also use VoterVoice to inform us of issues that require our attention and VoterVoice is used to provide us with sample letters to send to our representatives. We are asked to add stories of the people we serve in our letters to help our legislators know how real people are being impacted by current laws and proposed legislation. While we never share the identities of the people we serve, we do share how they are impacted by current policy if we can help improve the laws that effect their well-being.

Sign up now and don’t be left behind.  Signing up is quick & easy:

1.    Click here:  VoterVoice
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4.    Complete your sign up.

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