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Getting Ahead involves all members of the community working for change.  The key programs are poverty seminars, workshops and mentoring.

Poverty Seminars are events designed to grow public awareness, to understand of poverty and to explore practical ways to make a difference in our community. Through videos and guided conversations, sessions allow both individuals and organizations to explore the causes of poverty in Waukesha County and brainstorm solutions. More than 600 people have completed this seminar since the program began four years ago. Learn more about our poverty seminars and view the current schedule.

Workshops are offered by Getting Ahead for those living financially unstable lives and want to make a change. Groups of 8-12 participants meet for 16 sessions to take an in-depth look at poverty in their own lives and create individual plans to become more financially self-sustaining. Once they have completed the workshop, participants are invited to join the  Alumni Program. These bi-monthly meetings, combined with continued mentor support, allow the participants to continue work on their plans and contribute to systemic change in our community. 

Mentoring is a unique piece of the CTGA program. Mentors are matched with program participants to provide encouragement and added support for those involved the workshop and alumni program. These one-on-one relationships support the individuals as they develop their plans and work for change in their own lives and the community. Learn more about the mentor program.