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Getting Ahead - Mentors


Mentors are sounding boards who assist and encourage participants in a more personal,
one-on-one setting outside of and beyond the regular sessions.

Mentors are unique to the St. Vincent De Paul Waukesha Getting Ahead program. Mentors focus on building one-on-one relationships of mutual respect and purpose that provide support to individuals as they move through the 16 session workshop series. The role of the mentor is to support the individual as he or she develop his or her own plan and action steps leading to a more self-directed and financially self-sustaining life.

A background in mentoring is helpful, but not essential.

Ideally, as your schedule allows, participate in meeting for mentors to learn skills and exchange successful techniques.

Steps to becoming a mentor
  1. Believe that people have the power to change.
  2. Attend the Getting Ahead Taking a New Look at Poverty seminar.
  3. Indicate your interest in learning more about mentoring to Jodie Cleary, Program Manager, 262-547-0654 or email:
  4. Attend one of our trainings for mentors.
  5. Begin a discernment process with the program to decide if this could be your role.
Activities of mentors
  1. Be matched with a workshop program participant by the Program Manager
  2. Connect with your participant shortly before the start of the workshop through a phone call, text message , email or meeting, either in advance or at the time of the first session.
  3. Attend dinner at opening session and then four dinners throughout the 16 session program.
  4. Support, encourage and be a source for community information as your participant progresses through the workshop and forms his or her plan for change.
  5. Celebrate every life change with your participant as he or she works his or her plan.
Mentor Resource Network

Volunteers in the Mentor Resource Network provide specialty coaching in their areas of expertise. They assist the primary mentor in supporting the graduates by meeting with graduates as a group or individually to give information and education. You can offer your services through Program Manager Jodie Cleary.